SILÒ: A Revolution in Skin Care is Coming with Hyalurenol-Ai®

Silo skin care

Beauty is not just an external manifestation. It’s a reflection of the essence, an amalgamation of what we see and what we feel inside. SILÒ, as a brand, deeply understands this intimate link between the internal and external. Guided by an unwavering dedication to research and science, SILÒ delves into a deep understanding of our largest organ: the skin.


Residing at the border between aesthetics and biology, the skin is an incredibly complex tissue, influenced by a myriad of both internal and external factors. This ongoing interaction between the skin’s DNA and the external environment is at the heart of SILÒ’s philosophy. By studying these relationships, our brand has managed to anticipate and counteract aging processes, offering a comprehensive solution for perpetually young and healthy skin.


But what is the secret behind this promise? The answer lies in epigenetics. This emerging field examines how age, environmental exposure, diet, and even stress can influence the expression of our genes without altering the underlying DNA sequence. This perspective has enabled SILÒ to develop products that not only address the superficial symptoms of aging but also the deep-seated causes.


This union of beauty and science has given birth to a range of products that are much more than mere cosmetics. They are elixirs of beauty, formulated with scientific precision, working at a cellular level to nourish, protect, and revitalize the skin.


Every chosen ingredient, every created formula, represents years of research and dedication. Like Hyalurenol-Ai®, an innovative bio-reticulated Hyaluronic Acid, unique in the world. Produced with cutting-edge methods, this key component has the ability to penetrate deeply, providing hydration and nourishment at levels never seen before.


Indulge in an unprecedented beauty experience with SILÒ. You are choosing science, innovation, and, above all, the promise of lasting beauty.




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